DH Line


Mountain bikes are evolving with more and more travel. Better control of these bikes requires a more upright riding position. That's why we developed the VENOM bar. It has an unusually low 15 mm rise and is very straight too with 5° back sweep and 4° up sweep. Venom is available with a 750 mm width, for better control at high speed. But we also reworked the aesthetics of our new VENOM bar with high polish areas to mount your levers and shifters. This allows the controls to turn and avoid impact and accommodate easy repositioning if you have a fall. The polished and textured accents give you the best look you can expect from your bar.

    • width: 750 mm
    • barbore Ø: 31.8 mm
    • back sweep: 5°
    • up sweep: 4°
    • height: 38 mm
    • material: AL 7075
    • rise: 20 mm
    • weight: 316g