Handlebar / ROAD


This product has been possible using a new technology that permits to match two existing products in carbon. The combination of two successful products Razor Edge handlebar and O Zone stem, two pieces of Art, we believed the handlebar and stem can be perfectly generated together. In fact the handlebar takes the successful advantages of H.M.S (Half Moon Shape) drop and the top flat part is only 130 mm flat with little (less) inclined. The stem looks lightness, rigidity and with high absorbing capacity. The result is as its look, we were not surprised. An unbelievable light product with only 310 grams so we saved around 40 grams. It has improved its rigidity, absorbing shocks, makes the rider feel more comfortable.

  • barbore Ø: 31.8mm
• dimension: 400x90 / 400x100 / 420x100 / 420x110 / 440x110 mm
• drop: 130mm
• reach: 75mm
• cable routing: applied carbon casing
• material: carbon
• bolts: titanium
• weight: 325g (420x110mm)