Titanium has been widely used in different industry field such as aerospace, military, automotive etc. The advantage for the material is that its as strong as some steels but 45% light in general. At high temperature (550 °C or so), its mechanical properties can be resisted; however, in the low temperatures, the titanium will be obtain better toughness and the performance of the strength is also even better than the normal indoor temperature. Therefore, people started to use the material in the bike.

  • Special Titanium Slop shape seatpost
• 6AL-4V Titanium bolts.
• Carbon fiber lower saddle rail cradle
• Hollow Tube design-3AL -2.5v titanium
• Extra durablility and light
• only 190 g (27.2 x 350mm)
• Diameter 31.6, 27.2 mm
• Length 350, 400 mm
• Offset 0 mm
• Weight 239 g (31.6 X 400 mm)