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CONTROLTECH warrants this product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two years from the date of purchase when purchased from an authorized CONTROLTECH dealer. This warranty is extended only to the original owner of the product and is not transferable. Proof of purchase is required for any warranty service,so be sure to keep your receipt.

This warranty does not cover cosmetic or structural damage arising from misuse or abuse,including damage caused by crashes,jumping and landing,front end impact,falls or any other collision,owner neglect of regular maintenance,improper installation of parts and accessories. CONTROLTECH makes no warranty if modifications,changes,additions or substitutions are made to any components. Wear from normal use or exposure to environmental elements is not covered by this warranty. CONTROLTECH makes no warranty against any incidental or consequential damage to bike or parts,or rider injury caused by defects as covered in this warranty.

Claim for warranty must be done through the retailer where the product was purchased. Proof of purchase is required to validate the warranty period. The retailer should contact CONTROLTECH for a Return Authorization Number(RAN) before sending back to CONTROLTECH. If it is not possible to return the product to the dealer,then please contact CONTROLTECH for a RAN and ship the product back to us with your proof of purchase.

This warranty does not cover postage,insurance,or shipping costs incurred in sending your product for warranty service.CONTROLTECH cannot be responsible for lost or damaged packages until they arrive at CONTROLTECH. Once received by CONTROLTECH, the product will be inspected to determine if it is covered by CONTROLTECH warranty policy. If your product is covered under our warranty policy, CONTROLTECH will repair the product at the customer's expense with the customer's consent and approval of the cost of repair in advance.