Laminated shingle is covered with several laminates for the exposed part, and the tile type is formed by laminations and spacing. It combines the design and creativity of geometry and abstract space, with a generous and lasting appearance. It embodies a distinctive classical aesthetic feeling, three-dimensional sense, a stronger sense of layering, and a strong decorative effect. It makes the roof look new, and is suitable for high-grade buildings such as villas, townhouses, garden houses, wooden houses clubs, etc. over 10 degrees.


(1) Resistant the rain and elements (2) Excellent fire prevention performance (3)Resistant to the dust (4)Light and low cost (5)Various styles and colors (6)Wide range of applications (7)Installtion convenience

(1) Coloured, Natural and Porcelain Granules
Protect the surface of asphalt from direct sunlight, make asphalt not easy to aging, not eroded by wind and rain, and enrich the color of products, enhance the beauty of roof, and provide good fire resistance.
(2) All-weather modified waterproof asphalt layer.
It can make the multicolor fiberglass asphalt tile resist wind and rain erosion for a long time, protect the roof from moisture and keep the product performance in severe cold and heat.
(3) Fiberglass matrix
Not only can the product have excellent waterproofing performance, even if the tile surface is damaged, our asphalt tile can maintain waterproofing performance, but also optimize the weather resistance and fire resistance, make the product more durable, in order to reduce the damage of the product in production, transportation, construction and use.
(4) Hot melt self-adhesive
When heated, it activates automatically, so that the multi-color glass tile is firmly bonded together to form a whole, ensuring the integrity of the roof and impermeability.


Our company produces multi-color glass fiber asphalt shingle with a wide range of shapes and colors: 5 different shapes and 42 colors, there is always a combination for your roof. Welcome to consult and negotiate, if you have special requirements for asphalt shingle.