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Product characteristics of color asphalt shingle

• All-weather: Colored asphalt shingle roof can resist the erosion caused by many climatic factors, such as light, cold and hot, rain and cold winter.

• Thermal insulation: The low thermal conductivity of the color asphalt shingle roof blocks the heat transfer from outside to inside in summer, and dissipates from inside to outside in winter. The color asphalt shingle roof can effectively absorb the environmental noise such as rain droplet impact, thus ensuring the comfortable and quiet life of the roof households.

• Corrosion resistance: Coloured asphalt shingle roofing will not be corroded, speckled and other phenomena under the influence of adverse weather conditions.

• Dust-proof and self-cleaning: The color asphalt shingle roof is not easy to accumulate dust and form obvious stains, even in the long rainy season, it will not accumulate water stains, and it will be more clean and bright after rainwater scouring. Points for Attention in Paving Colored Asphalt shingles

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