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Why is Asphalt shingle so popular?

1.Asphalt tile can resist the erosion caused by many climatic factors, such as light, rain and freezing, and has good thermal insulation (blocking the heat transfer from outside to inside in summer).

2.Asphalt shingles can also absorb raindrops and other environmental noise. Even under the influence of bad urban environment such as acid rain, there will be no rust, blotch and other phenomena, and the asphalt tile will be self-cleaning and strong.

3.Multicolored glass tile itself has a long service life, ranging from 25 to 40 years. If installed correctly, the multi-color glass tile roof needs little or no maintenance; the multi-color glass tile is a flexible tile, which can be paved into conical, spherical, arc-shaped roof traditional roof tiles to meet the needs of various roofs;

4.Asphalt tile construction is simple, 50-60 level/per work, paving process need no other auxiliary materials except nails, and the roof ridge and gutter eaves are superimposed by tile body itself; asphalt tile paving roof load-bearing light paving, the material used for each square metre roof is about 10 kg, which is absolutely a qualitative leap with traditional cement tile 45 kg/square metre.

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