There are many advantages of colored stone metal tile:
(1) tile type is rich. (2) Various colors. (3) Single square metal tile has light weight. (4) Unit area is cheaper. (5) Easy to install. (6) It has good decorative effect.


Color stone metal tile features:
(1) light roof tile, convenient transportation and construction. (2) Beautiful appearance, various tiles, rich colors, both Chinese elegance and European freedom, paving can make the building curvilinear and improve the grade of the building. (3) Durability, with a long life. The base plate is an aluminized and galvanized steel sheet with corrosion resistance. The surface layer is high temperature sintered coloured sand particles. Acrylic acid primer is used as an adhesive. Lapping is convenient, strong and safe, suitable for all kinds of roofs. (4) Coloured stone metal tiles are especially suitable for villa roofing, beautiful countryside renovation project and peaceful slope renovation project.

(1) Acrylic Glazing Layer (2) Granite Coloured Stone Granules (3) Acrylic Adhesive Bonding Layer (4) Protection Layer (5) Aluminum Zinc Layer (6) Steel Grassroots (7) Aluminum Zinc Layer (8) Protection Layer


The company currently produces 5,000 square meters of colored stone metal tiles per day, with an annual production capacity of 2 million square meters, to ensure that customers can obtain satisfactory and qualified products in the shortest time. Relying on convenient transportation location, the products produced by our company can reach the designated places of customers in the shortest time, and coordinate with the development of partner projects.