Aluminum foil roofing waterproofing membrane is made of basic material such as SBS, SBR, water soaking agent, modified bitumen and bonded with polyethylene film and aluminum foil or without film (double-side self adhering) covered with anti-adhesion isolating tape.


For industrial and civil buildings roof, underground and other moisture-proof and the bridge, , swimming pool, water tunnels and other buildings. Also for waterproofing projects of timber structure and metal structure.

(1) Before being used, the substrate must be free of any dust, dirt, oils, moisture or debris that could interfere with proper adhesion. Often the roof surface must be primed prior to membrane application, with the cement adhesive bonding, width of 10 cm. Additional layer juncture and waterproof layer juncture stagger 5 cm above.
(2) Till dry for 1-2hours , use the waterproof sealant to seal all entrance for water on the roof.
(3) The basement waterproof juncture construction: the 10-15 cm lap article cover joint way, choose agglutinate article cover polymer adhesive.
(4) Waterproofing materials lap width long side of 8-10 cm shorter edges 10-15 cm, and the adjacent short side seams shall be more than 10 cm stagger angle metope and ground in for 30 cm above all.


Good capacity of anti-aging, anti-acid, and anti-alkali, its service life is 30years.
High tensile strength and elongation which adapts to the contraction or crack of the base.
Good perdurable capacity to climate; be used in cold(-25°C)environment for long life.
Applied by torch.
Widely applied in roofing, basement, pool, subway etc.
Construction Requirements Basement Treatment
The waterproofing base should be strong smooth, and clean without particles on the surface. No peeling or cracking shall exist on the surface. The corners of the base shall be made into arcs with a radius of no less than 20mm or triangular. The drain slope, division seam, and air vent shall be carried out and treated according to design requirements. Then brush promer on the foundation until it is dry.